Last May 30, 2015, I celebrated my 18th birthday. It was a typical traditional Filipino debut with 18 candles, roses and treasures but not so grand. My birthday was originally on the 25th of May but since my classes were still ongoing until the 29th at that time, we decided to move the celebration. Since I was busy with school and exams, I lacked the time to prepare. But since it has always been a must to conduct a pre-debut photo shoot, I had to do it but didn’t wanna spend a lot of money for it. Thank god I know a friend who’s a hobbyist photographer and really good at it. I asked for her help and she happily agreed and asked me what theme I like. I told her I want it to be bohemian inspired. She liked the idea and even suggested that we have books and picnic blankets as props. And then for the location, I suggested the Poro Point Lighthouse in La Union (i’m from La Union) since I’ve been there once with my mom and I thought it suited our planned theme.


After we talked about the theme and the location, we proceeded with the schedule. I study in Baguio and it’s not that far from La Union so we decided on a weekend. It was less of a hassle because she was on her vacation. On the day of the photo shoot, it was a pity that unfortunately, the electricity went off so instead of curling my hair, my neighbor who fixed my hair and make-up opted to just style it a little. I asked him to only put on light make-up because I feel like it comes out more natural with less make-up on.


IMG_0695Being a total bookworm myself, I enjoyed the photo shoot a lot because it just feels like me in my natural habitat and also the fact that I got to show off my prized possessions aka my books, lol. I strongly suggest choosing your hobbies or your interests as a theme so that the photos will reflect your personality.

IMG_0800For bohemian inspired shoots, grass fields are very much recommended. Actually, anywhere that screams nature is suitable. I also strongly recommend the woods! It was my first choice but since you still need to hike and all that is so much of a hassle.

IMG_0752 IMG_0763

IMG_0704 Books…

IMG_0790…and more books!!!




IMG_0727You can see that I didn’t have any accessories on when accessories are kind of a must have for a boho-chic look. Well, that’s totally my fault. I actually brought lots of accessories with me but then it totally went out of my mind and I don’t know why.

IMG_0827I also prepared a different outfit because it’s also nice to have diversity.



IMG_0818If you’re in La Union area and interested in hiring my friend for photo shoots and fun shoots, you can email her at

P.S.: I didn’t realize until later that I don’t have any photo with the Lighthouse when it’s the main attraction of the location haha that’s such a bummer.


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