This was already BIGBANG’s second concert here in the Philippines and because I didn’t get to attend the first one which was the Alive Tour, I made sure that I get to attend this one. Ever since they announced it, I already claimed that I will get VIP tickets no matter what. Thank heavens it was my birthday week when they started selling tickets and so I requested a BIGBANG concert ticket as my birthday gift.


What made me more excited about this concert was that me and my friend slash concert buddy both got the same tickets. We chose between VIP seated and VIP dance/standing. It was not a hard decision at all because we’re both the type who go crazy and get really hyped during concerts especially because BIGBANG are the type who hype the crowd so much that everyone can’t help but jump along. Also, it helped that they just released a new song called Bang Bang Bang (which was totally an ultimate party song) that time so of course we got VIP dance tickets.

20150730_163955D-DAY: I chose to wear a comfy outfit because it’s hot and I know that we have to get in line for a long time and also considering that we chose VIP dance tickets wherein we don’t get to sit at all. Queueing was quite stressful since we had to line up for sequencing on who gets to go in first because of course you need to have a good spot in the VIP dance area and we went to the concert venue quite late so the line’s already long.

Anyway, kudos to the organizers because the event was well-planned and well-organized. Everyone were already inside even before the concert started. The VIP dance area also wasn’t as crowded as what I expected. It was still crowded, yes, but you can still dance and jump around freely. Plus our spot was just beside the right ramp and it was fantastic, baby (lol ok).

I was probably right…there! Hahaha ©

One of my favorite parts during concerts also is when we’re waiting for the artists and they just play various music videos of them and we all just sing along and scream whenever our biases are shown on-screen. One of the best feelings in the world that I really want everyone to experience.



I can proudly say that BIGBANG’s Made Tour in Manila is the best concert I’ve been to so far. BIGBANG really puts on a heck of a show in which you won’t regret a single penny you spent. They just have that charismatic energy on-stage that no one can resist. Not to mention their entertainment skills in which they also gained from their 9 years of experience in the industry. They really are k-pop legends and are on another level of their own. One word: KINGS!

This is the only decent photo I have (I feel like a fansite-nim iykwim haha)

P.S.: I am obviously G-Dragon biased but I love them all so much. I really just didn’t have a decent photo of the rest of the members.

P.P.S.: I can’t wait to attend another BIGBANG concert in probably 3-5 years from now (hopefully) and spend my own money. Can’t freaking wait to be a working fangirl! (Life goal! Haha)


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