Since graduation month is slowly approaching, I thought I would share with you some of my glamour photo shoot outtakes. For those who have no idea what glam shots are, they are sort of like senior portraits which are taken for school year books. You are supposed to look your best and do your best poses in front of the camera like the badass that you are. Glamour photo shoots are usually scheduled together with toga shoots. You can also choose to do creative shots instead depending on your preference or what your whole block decided to go with.


For my outfit, I decided to go with a black jumpsuit that I got from the SM Department Store for only P500 (on sale), long layered necklace which I think was about P150 (same store), and a black wedge I already owned long before.

We didn’t really have a specific theme; just that you wear your dress-to-impress outfit and that’s about it. I thought that a jumpsuit would look pretty chic and stylish that’s why I went with it. It’s also easy to style and I thought that I have quite the height advantage for it.


The actual photos were taken inside the studio. My friends and I just decided to have a mini photo shoot because you can never have too many photos!!


They said that we would receive the official photos after less than a month so I’m definitely looking forward to that (while still struggling with my school works). Hopefully, I get to do another blog post when I get my hands on them.

Tell me about your graduation photo shoot stories!

All the love, Arnelle x


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